Steve Salo


Brian Pieper




Concurrent solo exhibitions

Steve Salo: Passerby
Brian Pieper: On the Street

March 7 – 21 

Artists Steve Salo and Brian Pieper are presenting concurrent solo exhibitions at Metropolis Gallery, kicking off the gallery’s exciting 2015 calendar of exhibitions. The exhibitions Steve Salo: Passerby and Brian Pieper: On the Street are linked by the artists’ particular interests in everyday people and places.

Geelong artist Steve Salo’s emotive, urban portraits distil feelings of fleeting moments when people pass him in the street. Over the past year these impressions have become the basis of his powerful Passerby series of paintings. This is Steve’s second solo show at Metropolis Gallery.

Brian Pieper is a Melbourne artist whose grungy, urban landscapes are populated by ordinary people, on the street or at work, bringing a narrative edge to the oil paintings and watercolours in his first exhibition at Metropolis Gallery: On the Street.


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