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Radiate Elysian Shallow Submersion
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Stay on My Shore II Unbound Unbound II











































amica whincop


A group show with six works by six artists!

4 - 20 May 2017



Behind each painting is a study in simplification and an exploration of natural processes.

Stone-like forms float, loosely connected, in an apparent void of negative space. However, underneath this expanse, lies the concealed elements of a whole painting, and a study in simplification.

This under painting is essential in creating the fluidity and connectedness of the forms that become the final anchors of the piece. The under painting is created spontaneously, by moving paint around with water, gravity, air pressure and reactive paint, imitating natural processes and formations until the paint settles into its own place,  forming the idea of a painting.

Making sense of this new artificial landscape, I notice “stone” like forms emerging and highlight these to chart a pathway through the work. The remaining landscape is concealed behind an opaque, flat ground, and the forms arise as the focal point of the work. When there is nothing left to mask, and the tension between ground and form, positive and negative is balanced, the work reaches resolution.

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