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Spirit Dancers

Joyous One and the Watcher

Magpie Family

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Spirit Dancers

Spirit Dancer (large)


































jess szigethy-gyula

Animal Instinct
5 – 19 March

I am a Bronze Sculptor who lives and works overlooking the iconic Hanging Rock in central Victoria. I have come full circle and, after 20 years away working as a botanist throughout Australia, have settled on the property where I grew up.

For some years I have been exploring the human nature of animals and the animal nature of people through sculpture but in the last year have become fascinated by the union of both in one form. In 2015 I developed a collection of bronze Australian magpie sculptures; realistic life-sized, small characters as well as various wacky magpies. I was struck by the anthropomorphic nature of magpies and how their joyous song and casual brutality captivates so many Australians; everyone has a story to tell me!

As a result, I started making moving magpie spirit sculptures which capture the essence of these birds in our human heart and body. My long fascination with mythology (Greek, Pagan, Indian, Australian) led me on to make further dancing Magpie, Pan, Dog, Deer and Horse Spirit bronze sculptures. These themes form the basis of my new SPIRIT DANCER body of work.