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Untitled (Crowd No.1)

Untitled (Crowd No.2)

'...and then Jenny realised...'


'Happy family scoop'









































annalise mayer



Melbourne (Australia) based artist Annalise Mayer, obtained her Bachelor of Fine arts (Honours) From the Victorian College of the Arts. Majoring in printmaking in her undergraduate degree, Mayer’s works primarily exist as prints, drawings and paintings that often manifest themselves as installation.


Mayer's works demonstrate a particular interest in the human subject, drawing on accounts of urban life to address a growing apprehension of technology’s impact on our social and psychological experience of time. Informed by literary writings and theory about the contemporary experience of time, Mayer seeks to produce a visual counterpoint to current understandings of temporality that appear to focus on speed and nonlinearity. With her work commonly engaging in the contemporary debate that society’s engagement with technology (particularly within an urban context) promotes a void in real life communicative interaction, leading to feelings of isolation.  


She endeavors to explore such ideas through the employment of traditional mediums and processes imbedded in poetic associations of time, such as stone lithography, naturalistic drawings and traditional oil painting. Working predominantly with portraiture of both the person and of the object, she intends to form personal and intimate relations with the onlooker through an empathetic and tender representation of individuals.


In doing so, Mayer engages with the effort to reinstate a humanist connection and linear order debatably lost within contemporary experiences of social and technological time.