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Above and beyond

The space between


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Simply present

We are drawn to each other



































deborah williams


Artist Statement

Having begun to make images of dogs almost by accident, and without any serious analysis, I used the image of the dog as a metaphor, based on an interest in, and reflection upon, the human condition. This early work largely centred on images in the context of Anglo-centric human interaction, relationships and social issues, where Western culture tends to reflect a visualist, aesthetic extension of personal image.

Later, my work became intentionally anthropomorphic. A series of works that dealt with the image of the dog, exploiting the concept of anthropomorphic irony. Then, I began to look at dogs outside of my own culture, in Asia and within Indigenous communities. I observed dogs outside of my own experience of the dog as a pet. I saw the dog co-exist in an environment with humans. I began to see the dog as dog, devoid of and to a degree outside of human culture.'

- excerpt from "Sense of Self" by Deborah Williams, 2012


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