PAST Exhibition


Debra Patterson

Language of the heart

12 September - 7 October 2018

Debra Patterson lived for many years in northeast Victoria surrounded by the beauty of mountains, lake and rivers but moved to the Mornington Peninsula in 2015 to rediscover a connection to the coast. She is fascinated by the majestic moonahs and windblown tea tree, back lit by the ever changing colours of sea and sky. She enjoys the colour and shape of man made structures hugging the salt line, the sea dotted with boats and buoys and other seafaring markers.

During this first year on the coast Debra was invited to the community of Titjikala, traditional area of the Eastern Arrente people, 107 km south of Alice Springs. Working alongside the artists of the Tapatjatjaka Art and Craft Centre left an indelible impression of endless blue skies and wide brown smiles. The women artists, their shy but willing friendship, creative energy and stories impressed upon her an awakening understanding of the language of their homes, heart and community and this continues to inform the colours and form of her paintings.

Painting, drawing and printmaking became an integral part of understanding the environment I walk through, supporting the need to find a sense of belonging. I love to express my stories and experiences through my art. Beginning with colour and form, intuitively I find the lines that continue to map my story: a visual diary that seeks to share an inner landscape of gratitude.