Life][Still Life:
Linda Robertson & Raja Norzlipah




Linda Robertson Raja Norzlipah

Printmakers from the Geelong Region

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Sue Ernst Alex Game Janet Goldman
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Anita Iacovella Debra Jackson John McClumpha
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Rhondda Millen J. Gaye Nieuwenhof Laura Osborne
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Robyn Sandford Keren Zorn  

Metropolis Gallery
10th Anniversary Concurrent Exhibitions!

5 – 20 July


Metropolis Gallery is proud to announce its 10th Anniversary as a commercial art gallery in Geelong, so come and help us celebrate! 

Life][Still Life: Linda Robertson & Raja Norzlipah – a classical approach to drawing and painting. 

Linda Robertson has worked with the figure in pastel and charcoal for many years.  Her drawings have an influence of the Italian Renaissance, Edgar Degas and workshops taken with contemporary Australian artist Godwin Bradbeer.

Raja Norzlipah’s contemporary realist, still life paintings are inspired by artists like Caravaggio and Rembrandt, based on a traditional style of oil painting using the rich and dramatic ‘chiaroscuro’ (light-and-shade) approach to create powerful and moving paintings.

IM]PRESS[IVE: Printmakers from the Geelong Regionpresents a great lineup of local artists who have an established printmaking practice.
Sue Ernst, Alex Game, Janet Goldman, Anita Iacovella, Debra Jackson, John McClumpha, Rhondda Millen, J.Gaye Nieuwenhof, Laura Osborne, Robyn Sandford, Keren Zorn.


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