jedda robaard

Art for Books

11 - 26 August, 2017


Jedda Robaard will present an Artist’s Talk at 10.30am Saturday 19 August. All Welcome.

Jedda Robaard is a local children’s book illustrator and author whose work is well known nationally and internationally, having been published in many languages. including English, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Korean and Chinese. Book illustration is an opportunity for Jedda to create little worlds where characters can play, unhindered by society’s restrictions. This body of work represents her journey creating those worlds, from her initial book Rabbit’s Year through to the ongoing Little Creatures Series.

Jedda says The majority of these pieces have been created simply with pencil and watercolour. They are just puddles of colour if you like. Puddles manipulated into tiny beings with feelings, obligations and agendas.

Jedda studied graphic design, but with the inspiration of Australian artists May Gibbs, Bob Graham, Jeannie Baker, Julie Vivas, Shaun Tan and Robert Ingpen she has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a successful children's book illustrator.

Her exhibition happily coincides with Children’s Book Week and Jedda will present an Artist’s Talk at 10.30am Saturday 19 August.


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