Author and Illustrator


Artist statement

Ultimately, for me, book illustration is an opportunity to create little worlds in which characters can play, unhindered by societies restrictions.

This body of work represents my journey creating those worlds, from my initial book ‘Rabbit’s Year’ through to the ongoing Little Creatures Series, with a few fancies along the way.

But drawings alone do not make a book. These books exist because of an extensive team of talented publishers and editors. Book designers, printers, sellers and last but not least buyers.

My part in this complex process includes the procuring of ideas, research, problem solving, decision making and the actual hands on activity of creating stories by drawing and painting pictures.

The majority of these pieces have been created simply with pencil and watercolour. They are just puddles of colour if you like. Puddles manipulated into tiny beings with feelings, obligations and agendas.

To make or create is something I have always done, is at the centre of my being. The learning of new skills is only just outweighed at the joy of making a new object, whether that be a photograph, a drawing, a design or a pot. I’d like to think the development of skills in other areas has helped me with my illustration and will continue to help me expand and develop my future publications.



1972 - Born in Tasmania, Australia to newly arrived Dutch immigrants
1980-1988 - Late primary and high school proved to be no fun so we will skip that.                 
1989 - Attend secondary college and discover Graphic Design… and printmaking and photography. It was a good year.
1990 - Launceston School of art to study Graphic Design (Commercial Art).
2001 - Swinburne School of Design Prahran to deal with the development of digital design.
2004 - Move to the lovely Bellarine Peninsula
2011 - First Book Published ‘Rabbits Year’
2012-2017 - Catapulted into the world of publishing where I am learning a lot. Fast.


Jedda Robaard grew up in a small town on the island of Tasmania, Australia. Jedda now lives on the coast of Victoria, Australia, with her husband, two daughters and a son, a nervous dachshund, a naughty border collie, a couple of cats, a few chickens, and a rather bitey cockatiel.

Jedda trained as a graphic designer, the manual cut and paste way, but always aspired to become a children's book illustrator and author. Jedda was inspired by Australian artists May Gibbs, Bob Graham, Jeannie Baker, Julie Vivas, Shaun Tan and Robert Ingpen.

Jedda ran children's art and craft workshops for many years. The interaction with her young students, a passion for her craft as well as family life and, importantly, a discerning eye for 'these' innocuous little moments in life, all contribute to her creative momentum. Jedda offers her young readership, page-turning, flap-lifting, whimsical and imaginative illustrations and stories.

Jedda's books have been published in many languages including English, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Korean and Chinese.

Jedda is represented by Jacinta Di Mase.