John McQualter

Recent paintings
12 - 26 September 2012



For many people who view a painting by John McQualter, the attraction is instant and the memory indelible. This exhibition includes fine examples of John’s trademark paintings that demonstrate his impeccable technique and instantly recognisable style.


Whether it’s a day on the beach, a game of country cricket or the machinations of an opening night crowd at an art gallery, McQualter maintains his interest in the interactions between people. Even an industrial landscape like his Westgate Moonrise suggests that we’re all there together in the peak hour rush: we all have our own agendas and our own destinations.


John has been painting full time for over thirty years and while his style has been called romantic impressionism with homage to the 19th century Australian Heidelberg School, his works also reference more contemporary mark-making and draughtsmanship. This exhibition will not only please the many people who have watched McQualter’s development throughout his career - it will also be a great introduction for anyone viewing the works of this established painter for the first time.