Kenneth Jack (1924 - 2006)


An Artist at Home and Abroad

Paintings, drawings and prints from the Jack Family Collection

14 - 29 August 2015


Kenneth Jack’s passion for Australia was as large as the country itself and when Ken travelled internationally he continued to seek out subjects that inspired a personal, creative visual response.

Metropolis Gallery in association with the Jack family is excited to make available this large collection of significant paintings, drawings and prints by Kenneth Jack (1924 - 2006).

Kenneth Jack: An Artist at Home and Abroad places the artist’s trademark interpretations of the stark beauty and moods of outback Australia next to highly charged, atmospheric works that were the result of many trips to the UK and throughout Europe, suggesting this artist never really stopped creating, not even on a family outing or a trip to Italy!

Many works are being exhibited for the first time and some have not been seen for many years, notably several early rural paintings from the 1950s in Australia and a number of drawings and some masterly watercolours exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society, London from 1977 - 2006.

This extensive exhibition not only illustrates Kenneth’s insatiable appetite for creating art during his very industrious career, but also presents a number of visual threads and observational cross-references between works created in Australia and Europe.

Kenneth was a very fine draughtsman with a masterly approach to technique across a staggering range of art mediums including pen and ink, pastel, gouache, both oil and acrylic painting and watercolour. During a career spanning six decades Kenneth Jack exhibited widely and is represented extensively in public and private collections throughout Australia and internationally.


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Lancefield Main St 1954

Keilor Bridge over the Maribynong River, Vic 1954

Darraweit Bridge over the Maribynong River, Vic 1960

Dry Creek Crossing NSW 1964

Rolling Hills at Cape Bridgewater 1953










Pilbara Landscape WA

PS Waverley at Portree, Isle of Skeye, Scotland

Port Erin Isle of Man 2002

Fishing Village Norwegian Fiord 1995

Jarlshof Neolithic Village, Shetlands 2003  

Evening Staithes, England







Coastal Tracks Lord Howe Is 1993

Bamburgh Castle NE England 1997

Beringbooding Rock (Above Wave Rock) WA 1995  

Sunrise old homestead, Blue Mountains 1999

Derby Tasmania 1991  

Foindle NW Scotland 2003

kenneth_jack_18_magdalen_college_tower.htm kenneth_jack_19_lord_howe_island.htm kenneth_jack_20_rocky_ranges_qld.htm ../kenneth_jack/kenneth_jack_21_scottish_coastal_village.htm kenneth_jack_22_stmawes_castle.htm kenneth_jack_23_the_breakaways_sa.htm

Magdalen College Tower Oxford 2000  

Lord Howe Island  1992

Rocky Ranges Qld (South of Mt Isa) 1992

Scottish Coastal Village 2003

St Mawes Castle Cornwall 1998

The Breakaways SA 1995  

kenneth_jack_24_thatched_cottages_gregneash.htm ../kenneth_jack/kenneth_jack_25_the_church_on_the_beach.htm ../kenneth_jack/kenneth_jack_26_the_coast_at_nyabil.htm kenneth_jack_27_wandering_creek_yea.htm kenneth_jack_27_wedgetails_over_mtchambers.htm kenneth_jack_28_light_house_point_of_ayre.htm

Thatched Cottages Gregneash Isle of Man 2003

The church on the beach, Church Cove, Lizard, Cornwall 1999

The Coast at Nyabil Isle of Man 2003

Wandering Creek Yea 1957

Wedgetails over Mt Chambers SA 2005

Light House Point of Ayre Isle of Man 2003

kenneth_jack_29_carnarvon_waterfront_nocturne.htm kenneth_jack_30_evening_stjohns_england.htm kenneth_jack_31_burford_church_dusk.htm kenneth_jack_32_bamburgh_castle.htm kenneth_jack_33_moated_tudor_buildings.htm kenneth_jack_34_ely_cathedral.htm

Carnarvon Waterfront Nocturne WA

Evening St Johns England 2003

Burford Church at Dusk 2003

Bamburgh Castle 1999

Moated and Tudor buildings 1989

Ely Cathedral 1985

kenneth_jack_35_ponte_vecchio.htm kenneth_jack_36_angelsea_from_cliffs.htm kenneth_jack_37_barwon_river_valley.htm kenneth_jack_38_laxey_harbour.htm    
Ponte Vecchio, Florence Angelsea from Cliffs 1957 Barwon River Valley Geelong 1949 Laxey Harbour, Isle of Man 2003    



kenneth_jack_39_abandoned_pastoral_cottage.htm kenneth_jack_40_across_the_market_gardens.htm kenneth_jack_41_alesund_norway.htm kenneth_jack_42_castle_isle_of_harris.htm kenneth_jack_43_eileen_donan_castle.htm kenneth_jack_44_cooma_moonrise.htm
Abandoned Pastoral cottage 1955 Across the market Gardens Colmar France 1983 Alesund, Norway 1995 Castle Isle of Harris Outer Hebrides 1991 Eileen Donan Castle, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland 1975 Cooma Moonrise, NSW 1987
kenneth_jack_45_creek_crossing.htm kenneth_jack_46_duomo_florence.htm kenneth_jack_47_eastgate_st_chester.htm kenneth_jack_48_florence.htm kenneth_jack_49_guildhall_hadley.htm kenneth_jack_50_hangingrock.htm
Creek Crossing 1964 Duomo Florence, Italy 1983 Eastgate St Chester 1995 Florence 1983 Guildhall, Hadley, Suffolk 1973 Hanging Rock 1963
kenneth_jack_51_haworth_church_yorkshire.htm kenneth_jack_52_high_knoll.htm kenneth_jack_53_house_of_the_faun.htm kenneth_jack_54_lake_lugano.htm kenneth_jack_55_lakeside_pavillions_studley_royal.htm kenneth_jack_56_leaning_derelict.htm
Haworth Church Yorkshire 1983 High Knoll near Echidna Chasm Bungle Bungles 1991 House of the Faun, Pompeii 1983 Lake Lugano Switzerland 1983 Lake side Pavilions, Studley Royal, Yorkshire 1983 Leaning Derelict Shop Aberfeldy 1965
kenneth_jack_57_loch_long_ardelve.htm kenneth_jack_58_mary_arden_house.htm kenneth_jack_59_mevegissey_cornwall.htm kenneth_jack_60_mousehole_cornwall.htm kenneth_jack_61_mt_falkland_flinders_rangers.htm kenneth_jack_62_norfolk_is.htm
Loch Long from Ardelve, Scotland 1975 Mary Arden's House, Wilmcote 1983 Mevegissey Cornwall 1985 Mousehole Cornwall 1975 Mt Falkland, Flinders Ranges 1995 Norfolk Is 1992
kenneth_jack_63_old_dredge_whitby.htm kenneth_jack_64_pisa_baptistry_cathedral_tower.htm kenneth_jack_65_ponte_goldoni_gondolas.htm kenneth_jack_66_rio_del_vetrai.htm kenneth_jack_67_robin_hoods_bay.htm kenneth_jack_68_s_simeone_piccolo.htm
Old Dredge at Whitby, Yorkshire 1983 Pisa Baptistry Cathedral Tower 1983 Ponte Goldoni and Gondolas Venice 1983 Rio Del Vetrai, Murano, Italy 1983 Robin Hoods Bay 1981 S. Simeone Piccolo Grand Canal Venice 1983
kenneth_jack_70_shadowed_cliff.htm kenneth_jack_71_sissinghurst.htm kenneth_jack_72_canal_amsterdam.htm kenneth_jack_73_stmarks_sq_venice.htm kenneth_jack_74_stpauls_church_geelong.htm kenneth_jack_75_stamford_lincolnshire.htm
Shadowed Cliff Angorachina SA 1995 Sissinghurst Farm Kent 1983 Canal Amsterdam 1983 St Marks Sq Venice 1983 St Paul's Church, Geelong 1946 Stamford Lincolnshire 1995
kenneth_jack_76_the_bridge_burnsall.htm kenneth_jack_77_the_castle_from_kayserberg.htm kenneth_jack_78_theelderrangeflindersrange.htm kenneth_jack_79_the_nordecia_hobart.htm kenneth_jack_80_tunbridgewellskent.htm kenneth_jack_81_trees_on_the_hill.htm
The Bridge at Burnsall, Yorkshire 1983 The Castle from Kaysersberg France 1983 The Elder Range, Flinders Ranges 1996 The Nordecia, Hobart 1949 The Paintiles, Tunbridge Wells Kent 1995 Trees on the Hill Sissinghurst, Kent 1983
kenneth_jack_82_ponte_goldoni_venice.htm kenneth_jack_83_wave_rock.htm kenneth_jack_84_wedmore_somerset.htm kenneth_jack_85_wells_cathedral.htm kenneth_jack_86_werri_breakers.htm kenneth_jack_87_cisterna_sq_san_giminiano.htm
Ponte Goldoni, Venice 1983 Wave Rock WA 1985 Wedmore Somerset 1983 Wells Cathedral 1983 Werri Breakers NSW 1973 Cisterna Sq San Giminiano Italy 1983
kenneth_jack_88_basillica_di_francesco.htm kenneth_jack_89_lake_eyre_and_dunes.htm kenneth_jack_90_alesund_norway.htm kenneth_jack_91_bridgeatwildwood.htm kenneth_jack_92_anglesea_outer_suburb.htm kenneth_jack_93_staithes_yorkshire.htm
Basillica Di Francesco Italy 1983 Lake Eyre and Dunes
SA 1982
Alesund, Norway 1995 Bridge at Wildwood 1959 Anglesea outer Suburb 1957 Staithes Yorkshire 1974
kenneth_jack_94_Sienna_from_tower.htm kenneth_jack_95_4kings_roadhouse_anglesea.htm kenneth_jack_96_main_rd_airey_inlet.htm kenneth_jack_97_aireys_inlet_towards_light_house.htm kenneth_jack_98_aireys_inlet_from_light_house.htm kenneth_jack_99_arch_of_constantine_rome.htm
Sienna from tower 1983 4 Kings Roadhouse Anglesea 1957 Main Rd Aireys Inlet 1957 Aireys Inlet towards Light House 1957 Aireys Inlet from light house 1957 Arch of Constantine, Rome 1983
kenneth_jack_100_the_pantheon_rome.htm kenneth_jack_101_milan_cathedral_west_entrance.htm kenneth_jack_102_orvietto_cathedral_west_entrance.htm kenneth_jack_103_assisi_vista.htm kenneth_jack_104_Giottos_tower_florence.htm kenneth_jack_69_san_giminiano_italy.htm
The Pantheon, Rome 1983 Milan Cathedral, West Entrance 1983   Orvietto Cathedral, West Entrance 1983 Assisi Vista 1983 Giotto’s Tower, Florence 1983 San Giminiano, Italy
Fisherman's Jetty Geelong


Graphics (Edition Prints)







Billabong 1962

Town Hall, Talbot 1958

Creek Crossing 1965

Coaching Inn 1964

Darraweit 1959

Creswick General Store (Gold and Ghost Town Series No.1) 1960







Talbot Town Hall (Gold and Ghost Town Series No.2) 1960

Maldon (Gold and Ghost Town Series No.3) 1960

Walhalla Bandstand
(Gold and Ghost Town Series No.4) 1960

Ballarat Railway Station (Gold and Ghost Town Series No.5) 1960

Clunes, Main St (Gold and Ghost Town Series No.6) 1960

Long Gully Bendigo (Gold and Ghost Town Series No.7) 1960




Kenneth Jack - Bay Books, Sydney 1988 $40
Kenneth Jack - Printmaker The Beagle Press, Sydney 1998 $60
Kenneth Jack - Drawings The Beagle Press, Sydney 2006 $60
Kenneth Jack - Catalogue Bundoora Homestead Art Centre 2010 $20
Kenneth Jack - Painter of the Vanishing Australia DVD $50