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Aubergine and Chilli


Oriental Still Life with Plum and Apple

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Parsnip and Chilli

Petit dejeneur

Still Life with Cherry Blossom

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Still Life with Cobalt Blue and Fruits

Still Life with Pear and Gold Goblet


Still Life with Tang Horse

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Two Aubergines












raja norzlipah


Life][Still Life

5 – 20 July 2013


I started my first oil painting when I was just fifteen years old, however during that time I did not have a plan to become an artist or have anything to do with art. In 1997, I suddenly decided to go back to oil painting when my husband bought me a set of oil paints from Germany.

Ever since then I became very serious about oil painting and was inspired by the old european masters from the Renaissance period such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Peter Paul Rubens.

I chose still life as part of my artwork because I personally believe it is a way for an artist to have the freedom to create what they want on the canvas. In saying that, I chose the subject matter based on cultural, memories and life experiences.

My interest in still life paintings was to concrete emotion or sensation through the use of light, colour and subject matter. My purpose is to present the audience with an emotional experience when viewing each of my paintings.

Raja Norzlipah



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