Past Exhibition


Natasha BeR

Innocence To Sin

23 February - 17 March

Natasha Ber has been inspired by her dreams and a strong connection to nature in creating a highly contemplative and symbolic new series of paintings for her forthcoming exhibition Innocence to Sin.

Exploration of my dreams began at an early age when I would search for an interpretation of things I had seen and experienced while sleeping. I was fascinated by the emotional impact a dream could have on me, determined to find out what happens in our brains during sleep and what part do dreams actually play in our conscious life.

As time went by I turned to Freud and Jung to get a better understanding of the psychology of dreams. During my research I have discovered many interesting aspects of consciousness involved in making dreams and that they play an important role in our lives.

The idea for the Innocence to Sin paintings came during the time of research when I was looking at poses people take during sleep and how the pose can affect an actual dream. Some of the paintings take place on the bed, surrounded by elements of nature. They are a point of departure for my journey into the dream world. Some include the presence of animals, mostly cats, representing the guardian as well as a hint on the latent animality of humans.