In Retrospect
16 - 30 July, 2016

We all have histories, much of which is recorded in photographs and stored away in family albums. I have always been fascinated by the way that particular periods in time impose themselves, sometimes unconsciously, on the "look" of an image, asserting the values, mores and sensibilities prevailing then.

In delving into photographs of family, friends and people I admire, I have been able to experience, albeit at a distance, some of that sense of place and time through a combination of conversations and stories told to me surrounding particular images, half-remembered experiences which I associate with others and through personal and vivid recollection of still others.

Drawing and painting are for me part of a visual continuum, and in these works I have used traditional drawing and painting techniques to explore that sense of period, using selected images as source material and incorporating symbolism to tell a story relevant to the person(s) represented.