Philip Stokes

Hand Blown Glass

With a background in theatre Philip finds that handling hot glass is surprisingly similar to the stage; Spontaneity, improvisation and chance are all elements that he enjoys and exploits, both in the making and in the final installation. Stimulated by the sculptural possibilities of human form and the organisation of musculature, Philip creates dialogue between the viscous and sinuous qualities of the glass medium. Stokes’ latest works are playful groupings excited by fire and inspired by the dance and rhythms of life which are captured in the moment and remain in the colours and contours of the glass forever.

Making large scale works is exactly like a choreographed dance where the ensemble of glass artists works as one to create expressive, movement suggestive sculptural works in hot glass. Stokes’ architectural sculptures and installations can be found in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, and the Sheraton Hotel in Xiamen, China amongst many others. He is a regular speaker at creative forums and his work is highly sought after by the private sector.


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