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Ancient Vessels

Red Fish Tale

Flotilla of Flowers

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Remnants of Culture

Florilegium - Gathering
of Flowers

Fish 2

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Ebb and Flow

Window into
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Connected to Earth

Venetian Vessels

Casuarina Dreaming 1


Casuarina Dreaming 2







rhondda millen

15 - 30 May


'I have always been interested in capturing and interpreting aspects of nature. I like the idea of looking through or into parts of an essentially fragmented world, where sections of the landscape are either hidden or are split and broken up. The shapes and strong forms of architectural plants intrigue me. Japanese design is also a strong influence in my Art.

I create ‘unique state’ prints where one print is never the same as another. I tend to work organically where ideas flow within the process of printing and where outcomes often change as the process evolves. I generally print multiple layers of colours to achieve a richness of surface and utilise a variety of screens and stencils to create my Artwork.

My latest work focuses on vessels, both natural and man-made, from seedpods and flowers to ancient jars and pots and contemporary shapes. My prints explore the significance of vessels as carriers of information, embedded or contained within their structures and add layers of meaning to the essential narrative that vessels convey.

Rhondda taught in the Arts for many years and now works from a studio in Aireys Inlet, Victoria. She has been shortlisted in the Burnie Print Prize and has exhibited her prints at Deakin University and Metropolis Gallery in Geelong and Port Jackson Press in Melbourne. Her work is represented in private and institutional collections.'

Rhondda Millen