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High as the Clouds

One Fish Two Fish

Ten Not Out


This Much Love























Robyn rankin



Children playing beach cricket or on the swings, fishing or just hanging out with the dog, Robyn Rankin's delightful paintings express a rich visual language filled with the joy and innocence of a simple life.

My paintings are an extension of a connection to memory making: of catching a fleeting observation or feeling. Sometimes from my childhood, sometimes in response to the world inhabited by my own children… these are the cherished images of a time when life is uncluttered and free.

After graduating from Swinburne University, Rankin’s early career began in Melbourne as a graphic designer and photographer and she later taught art and photography in secondary school. A move to Noosa with her young family provided the opportunity to change direction and her love affair with paint began in 2000.

Robyn Rankin is well represented in private collections in Australia and overseas, and is featured in the publication “Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia.” by Michael Berry.



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