PAST Exhibition


Sisca Verwoert

New Visions
20 April - 13 May

Sisca Verwoert’s upcoming exhibition New Visions brings together elements of the Otway Ranges and her own garden, with a heightened colour palette and abstraction of landmass, vegetation, and ocean. Inspired by the extraordinary summer display in her Otway garden, Sisca’s recent paintings have grown in size and complexity with marine and bird life also beginning to emerge: I work in a manner that allows shapes to present themselves, without prior planning or predictability, but I spend many hours shaping both the details and the wholes. My aim is to present the audience with an emotional experience when viewing each of my paintings.

In the early 1970’s Sisca had sketches published regularly in Australian Vogue and other magazines and worked as a book illustrator until, eager for experience, she then spent years living in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and travelling to Bélize, Tajikistan, Egypt, Tanzania, Chile, and around Europe. Her experiences as an illustrator and a resident in other cultures have combined to produce vibrantly coloured, sensuous paintings in oil and watercolour. She has had 7 one-woman shows and has been exhibiting with Metropolis Gallery for five years.