Past Exhibition



New Coastal Paintings

4 - 29 January 2018


This suite of paintings by Stella Clarke explores the dynamic colours, forms, patterns and textures of the places where the ocean meets the shore.

The works celebrate the fragile wildflowers and wind-sculpted plants that cling to cliff edges, thriving in an onslaught of salt air and sea-spray.

In one sense, they are unconventional landscapes, focusing upon the foreground, inspired by the understated beauty of coastal heath, of resilient things that grow and thrive in a harsh, maritime environment, with their captivating visual rhythms and natural hues.

Immersion in this oceanic meeting point can mean that there is no horizon. On the other hand, foreground detail may extend toward luminous skies and cloudscapes.

These works begin with close observation, but can evolve into an almost dreamlike expression of the visual energy and beauty to be found on our coast.


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January 2019