Steve Salo


"Through the visual voice of painting I communicate emotion – from hope, joy and calm, to disappointment, sorrow and inner turmoil. We are complex of mind and spirit. My intent as a contemporary portrait artist is to explore the human psyche through painting these complexities. I am interested in portraying this aspect rather than focussing on the surface level alone. My landscape paintings also go beyond the visual perception, I am more concerned with portraying the feelings evoked by being in a place."
Steve Salo

On Friday 6 May 2016 for Geelong After Dark, Metropolis Gallery previewed The Back to Back Theatre Portraits, a unique collaboration between award-winning artist Steve Salo and the internationally-acclaimed Back to Back Theatre company. This collaboration exists to create portraits of the six ensemble actors and the artistic director.

This year Steve is creating new landscape works for a solo exhibition at Metropolis Gallery in 2017.

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