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Veronica Ohehir Metropolis Gallery Veronica Ohehir Metropolis Gallery Veronica Ohehir Metropolis Gallery

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Veronica O'Hehir


Veronica O’Hehir graduated with a degree in fine art and a painting major from the federation university Ballarat followed by a diploma in education from Melbourne University.

In the 90’s - 2000’s Veronica established herself as a practising / exhibiting artist in melbourne, sharing studios and exhibiting in various solo& group exhibitions.

Veronica co- founded & directed RIPE gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne, following that she founded and directed KRAM studio gallery in Yarraville Melbourne.
Veronica was a member of The Maribyrnong River Edge art movement studios in Footscray, in the early 90s when it was a huge warehouse eclectic mix of artists on the Footscray river banks. After moving to Torquay with her family she began teaching art, creating public mural commissions, including an installation for Barwon Health and many mural collaborations with MacKillop family services, exhibited at the Court house gallery and federation square atrium, then sold off to the commercial sector.

Veronica continued studio practice and private commissions.

Veronica has 3 paintings in the federation university collection as well as many private collections.

Recently Veronica is Re-emerging into the exhibiting art world with a group exhibition she curated at Altman studios in 2019 followed by an invitation to participate in a group exhibition with the federation university at PO Gallery Ballarat.

Painting full time moving between her Torquay and Dreeite rural studio, Veronica is now with Metropilis Gallery.

Artist Statement

My art evolves from a gestural, raw, mark making sequence.

An intuitive layering & editing process creates a depth & transparency. Derived innately, a figurative composition reveals itself at times, anchoring the work.

Submerged in a social, urban or rural scape,my painting depicts undefined human relationships, individual & group social interactions that present an ambiguous challenge to the viewer with an underlying narrative.

The abstract expressionist style landscapes are often focused on the horizon line, rocks, historical context, line, marks, animal encounters & texture.
I am conscious of and imagine those that have walked the land before me under a vast ever changing sky.

It’s important to me to experience the land, walk & observe, develop an affinity before I then manipulate it into my work.