Past Exhibitions




Steve Salo: Passerby

Salo’s urban portraits distil feelings of fleeting moments when people pass him in the street.

7 - 21 March


Brian Pieper: On the Street

Brian's urban landscapes are populated by ordinary people, on the street or at work.

7 - 21 March


Life Forms

Linda Robertson
Astrid Stevens
Mary Koniavitis

11 - 25 April


Rhondda Millen + Ferne Millen

Rhondda (screenprints) and Ferne (photography) have come together in this exciting joint exhibition.

15 - 30 May



Amber Daly
Recent Paintings + Drawings

17 July – 1 August

Kenneth Jack
An Artist at Home and Abroad
Paintings, drawing and prints from the Jack family collection.

14 – 29 August

Debra Jackson
My Country

The inspiration for Debra’s art comes from the beauty of the Australian land & seascapes.

5 – 19 September

Steve Parkhill
The Art of Life

the creative result of his exploration and processing of major recent life events.

5 – 19 September

Andrew Chapman
Classic and collectable photographs documenting country Australia and political culture since 1970.
10 - 24 October


In Landscape

Susan Sutton
Amanda Blake
Kayo Yokoyama

6 - 21 November