Upcoming Exhibitions


13 July – 5 August

The Nature of Landscape

Images of the western Otway coast continue to inform Eros Anceschi’s work, but it’s not his intention to convey fleeting impressions in changing light. He sees his paintings as a work of his mind, with clarity of conception and enduring character: a harmony of tones and colours based on observation, feelings and the nature of each landscape experience.



Eros Anceschi Metropolis Gallery

Ryans Den (detail)
Oil on linen
34 x 60cm

13 July – 5 August


Rhondda Millen’s multi-layered, unique-state screenprints reference fragments of the pottery of the Jomon people: the original Neolithic people of Japan. Rhondda’s works convey the powerful narrative that artefacts can project. Often through incredible journeys across time these fragments of life act as visual messengers linking past lives and places to our own, with strong visual connections to the earth.


Rhondda Millen Metropolis Gallery

Journeys through time (detail)
Screenprint - Unique State
79 x 108cm

13 July – 5 August

The Illuminated Figure

Linda Robertson uses the interplay of light and shadow to reveal the physical form of the human body and its energy. Linda is interested in creating momentary glimpses of a human presence in this illuminated space; to move the work beyond a literal depiction of anatomy towards a sense of human energy as a fleeting, ephemeral presence in space.



Linda Robertson Metropolis Gallery

Figure Study 7 (detail)
Oil on Polymer
60 x 75cm